Being a Responsible Tenant is paramount to DWP Housing.

Your responsibility as our tenant is to make sure your rent is paid on time, to look after the property including any garden areas and to think about your actions and how your behaviour affects your neighbours. Some guidelines are:

  • Not to play loud music or have volume overly loud on TV.
  • Avoid slamming doors and banging up the stairs.
  • Avoid using the washing machine, vacuum or performing any DIY at unreasonable hours.
  • Keep the main security and internal fire doors closed.
  • Please do not block any of the communal areas with your personal possessions or they will be removed.
  • The communal areas including the car parks are not play areas.
  • Do not smoke in the communal areas.
  • Dispose of your rubbish correctly either in the household waste or recycling bins provided.
  • No pets are allowed in our properties.
  • No bottle gas or paraffin heaters are allowed.

If you experience any problems please speak to our Anti Social Behaviour Team, on telephone number 01202 301244 to discuss what you can do for yourself or what action we may be able to take on your behalf.