Replace your deposit with small monthly payments. Rent deposit free with unrivalled flexibility using Ome’s Deposit Replacement Membership

So what is this OME? The long and short of it is, instead of paying a one off lump sum deposit, OME allows you to reduce your upfront costs of moving into a property by allowing you to pay your deposit with small monthly payments. A completely flexible approach is offered whereby the tenant pays what suits their financial preference. DWP Housing are offering this option across all rental properties, for more information please chat with our Lettings Team when applying for a property and they will take you through the process to see if you are eligible, alternatively please visit

Conditions do apply.

DWP Housing App

As a DWP Housing tenant you now have the option to use our App to pay your rent and view your account history. Download and install the App from either;

Google Play >>
Apple App Store >>

Becoming a Tenant

First things first, you will be required to fill in a tenant reference check, the document must be returned to DWP Housing, this will remain valid for 6 months. All the documents you need and further information can be found here on our Becoming a Tenant Page >>

New Developments

With an emphasis on quality accommodation, DWP Housing continues to invest significantly in new builds and renovating our older properties, check out the current building projects we are working on here >>