If the Cap applies to you, this means that your total income from certain benefits is more than the Cap amount, your benefit will be cut.

The amount of money you get above the Benefit Cap limit will be taken off your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

This will only affect you if you’re getting Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. No deductions will be made from your other benefits because of the cap.

This means that if you don’t receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, your benefits can’t be capped. The Benefit Cap doesn’t apply to everyone – some people are exempt.

How much is the benefit cap – from autumn 2016

  • £384.62 per week, if you’re in a couple, whether your children live with you or not
  • £384.62 per week, if you’re single and your children live with you
  • £257.69 per week, if you’re single and you don’t have children, or your children don’t live with you

My housing benefit has been capped what should I do?

Firstly come in to speak to us, so we can look at your circumstances and see what support and financial assistant may be available to you.

I have been told that my benefits have been sanctioned what does that mean?

When you get some benefits you have to agree to do certain things to keep receiving them. However if you don’t do something you’ve agreed to do, such as applying for a job or going to an interview, they may be temporarily stopped or reduced. This is known as a sanction

How do I challenge a sanction?

If you’re sanctioned and believe that you had a good reason for not being able to meet the work-related requirements, you should ask for reconsideration. Reconsideration means a Department for Work and Pensions decision maker will look at the decision again to see if it is correct. If the outcome of the reconsideration is successful the decision maker can revise the decision and you’ll be paid any backdated money you’re owed.

What can I do about my sanction as I have no money?

Apply for a hardship payment – A hardship payment is a reduced amount of benefit that you can apply for from the Job Centre, if your benefit has been reduced because of a sanction. It normally pays 60% of your benefit payment.

You can get one if:

  • 100% of your Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance personal allowance (or all of your Universal Credit standard allowance) has been cut, and you can’t pay for essentials