DWP Housing are a member of the NRLA, Tenancy Redress Service.

The Tenancy Redress Service is operated by The Dispute Service Limited (a not-for-profit company specialising in dispute resolution) and we’re here to help tenants resolve complaints they may have with their landlord, who has agreed to be part of this scheme.

It’s quick: The TRS work with both you and your landlord to sort out the issues. Experienced in dealing with these disputes through work in tenancy deposit disputes, conciliation, and Ombudsman services.

It’s free: so you won’t need to spend your hard earned money on legal fees to sort out the problems you may be having with your landlord.

It’s easy: The TRS have a simple website based chatbot form for you to fill in. We’ll do the rest of the work with the landlord.

For further information please download A Guide to the Tenancy Redress Service >>

Alternatively please visit The Tenancy Redress Service website >>