We are interested to hear about your experience with our Lettings Service, it is important to us that you are happy with your new business premises and with the service you received from us during the moving in process.

Please take the time to complete this short questionnaire, the information you give will be treated confidentially.

Applying for your premises
  1. Was the office a welcoming and friendly environment to come into?
  2. Were the staff helpful and courteous?
  3. Did you receive enough information about any suitable vacancies?
  4. Was any paperwork easy to understand or complete?

Viewing available properties
  1. Did you have to wait a long time before going on a viewing?
  2. Were the staff who took you on viewings friendly and courteous?
  3. Did you have enough time to look around the property?
  4. Were they able to answer any questions you had?

Signing your Tenancy Agreement
  1. Did you find the paperwork easy to understand and complete?
  2. Was the Tenancy Agreement and conditions explained to you?
  3. Did you feel the signing up process took too long?
  4. Were you given a timescale for any repairs still to be done?
  5. Overall how satisfied were you with the signing up process?

About your premises
  1. When you moved in was the property clean and free of rubbish?
  2. Were any repairs you were expecting carried out?
  3. Do you think the property was in an acceptable standard?

Overall satisfaction with DWP
  1. Overall how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your new premises?
  2. Overall how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the service provided and the member of staff who dealt with you?
When you submit this form we shall only use your personal data for the purposes of the enquiry in line with our Privacy Policy