DWP backs 25for25

DWP Housing Partnership is the latest business to get behind a charity that helps struggling families.

Home Start South East Dorset is in its 25th year and planned to find 25 companies to support it during its silver anniversary.

Lockdown made that difficult but Caroline Pope from the charity has found 15 businesses to each pledge £800 for its 25for25 campaign.

This amount of money will help support a struggling family for six months.

Caroline said: “The stories about some of those we help are harrowing, and come about due to unlikely sets of circumstances.

“For £800 we can support a family for six months which will help them get back on their feet – a small amount makes a vast difference.

“Whether it’s a child who has been born with special needs, or bereavement, domestic abuse or mental health issues we can help. All these problems have been exacerbated by Covid and the lockdown.

“Our volunteers make a huge difference to families who are struggling. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can be of great benefit.

“I’d like to thank all those businesses which are backing our 25for25 campaign and we’d love to hear from any others.”

Steve Wells of DWP Housing Partnership, Dorset’s biggest private landlord, said: “We have a lot of experience with young families and know how hard it can be.

“We’re also aware of Home Start South East Dorset and what it has been doing for people over the last 25 years.

“We’re very proud to support them and know that the money will be put to great use.”

The other companies that have pledged so far are: Amirez Developments, Lions Club of Poole, The 4Com Foundation, Purple Teardrop, Town & Country Communications, Charles Trent, Wyatt Homes, b4b marketing, Jade Aden Services and Interiors, Extreme Exhibitions, Dorset Commercial Cleaning, 3 Gen Construction, Interface NRM and Quantum Civil Engineering.

Photo: Caroline Pope from Home Start South East Dorset and Steve Wells of DWP Housing Partnership