More New Family Homes!

A resident in a new house built by DWP Housing Partnership said moving in was the best decision her family has ever made.

Lauren Walton, husband Jamie and daughter Ava, five, live in Poole’s Harry Paye Close, a road with six new two bedroom houses.

DWP Housing Partnership completed the development earlier this year, continuing its commitment to provide affordable homes – and all are occupied.

The six homes in the landscaped close are the second phase of the development near to the Shah of Persia pub; the first saw 10 units built.

The houses all are of a traditional build and have gardens, allocated parking and are fitted with solar panels.

DWP invested more than £1m in the two phases of the development.

The properties were occupied soon after completion and Lauren, who is pregnant, said: “We absolutely love it here.

“We were cautious about moving but it was the best decision we ever made.

“It is so quiet, you don’t realise you are so close to the main road, and it is in a great location.

“The house is really warm and we have lovely neighbours. With new builds there are always little issues, but these have all been rectified immediately. I really can’t fault DWP.”

Steve Wells from DWP said: “We are committed to providing more affordable homes and these include houses for families.

“We want our tenants to stay with us for as long as possible so it is in our interest to build homes that people want – and that means extra investment.

“We made the decision to provide solar panels and landscaping and we have actually illuminated the close.

“The builds are of high quality and we work closely with the builders 3 Gen Construction to ensure a high standard.

“Feedback from residents has been excellent and we are now concentrating on other developments as well as updating our existing housing stock.”


Photo: Steve Wells of DWP Housing Partnership, Ava, five, and mum Lauren in Harry Paye Close